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This project aims to supply necessary parts for automation solutions like home automation. (It is not an automation solution on its own)

There are currently different parts developed in this project:


An interactive and fast web based visualisation. It can interface the KNX bus or OpenHAB. And due to its open protocoll many more backends can be easily implemented.


The component in an xPL network that configures devices and handles automation tasks like events or scripts.

Note: This xPLHAL is just a new implementation in C++ to the well known implementations in VisualBasic and JAVA and not a new home automation solution on its own.


A heavily extendable LogicEngine based on the Python programming language

JavaScript 3D Floorplan

A interactive 3D floor plan, useful to visualise buildings and current states.


Different little tools that are quite usefull in home automation.

  • LGconnectd - Deamon to talk to LG smart TVs over the network
  • rsslog - little sqlite based logging that offers it's data as RSS stream or JSON
  • russconnectd - Deamon to talk to Russound multiroom amplifiers
  • ebusd - Daemon to communicate with heating systems
  • knxd - Daemon to run WireGate Plugins on other machines or independent from main WireGate Daemon

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