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RSSLOG is a combination of a plugin and a feed generator to syndicate logged events as an rss feed.


Installation of php5-sqlite

  • either install the package php5-sqlite with the webif-package manager
  • use apt get at the console


In recent version of CometVisu "rsslog.php" is already included with the plugin itself, for older versions it may have to be downloaded seperately:

Wiregate Plugin: rsslog


  • to display the content of the rsslog-feed in the cometvisu, the plugins have to be activated:
   <plugin name="rsslog"/>
  • to display the rss feed, the following code has to be inserted in the appropriate section
 <rsslog src="./plugins/rsslog/rsslog.php?state=0" filter="phone,bell" refresh="300" mode="last" timeformat="%d.%m. %H:%M">
   <layout rowspan="9" colspan="6"></layout>